Secret Behind Google Search Indexing

The mystery behind Google Search Indexing

How Google index web pages? How Google Search Indexing works? In this post, I will be explaining how Google Search Indexing works. Well, Google does it using a program called the Spider. Spiders start fetching from few web pages. Then they follow links(Known as Backlinks) on those sites and fetch those pages too. Spiders fetching goes on like that and all these fetched data are stored and these would be billions and more data. Search Indexing might feel little complex but its simple.

How Google sorts out the search results?

Google fetches as many data’s available and stores it. Now when it comes to search results it’s different. Google won’t show irrelevant search results and they are really strict about it. Think that you are searching for “Laptops and its pricing”, you typed it and hit the search. Google searches its index and finds every page that includes those search terms and comes up with hundreds and thousands of results. Will all these results show up? No. Google now searches for the keywords and how many times these keywords come on that page. It checks whether the keywords are present in the Title, Meta Description, URL and whether there are synonyms for those words. So is this all enough?

Having these is not enough as Google also goes through a lot more evaluations. Google make sure whether the URL is a quality Website or of low quality. Page ranking of the page is the next thing that Google¬†checks. Page ranking is on the basis of backlinks that is the number of outside links that point to your page. After comparing all these factors of each page from the billions of results Google give a score for each page and produces the search result. Google is very strict about this to make sure of their search results. Now that’s how Google search works. Check out this post by Google

So while writing up your content keep this in your mind and make sure that your content is unique and is written properly. Creating a quality post will do much better than creating a lot of posts. I hope after knowing how search indexing works it would be more easy for you to concentrate on your sites SEO and to write a quality content.

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  1. Think of everything, content as well as meta-data (the hidden data regarding your page), as all of it plays a part. First of all, the idea with keywords is that you desire to select keywords to make use of on your site that there is a potential for ranking for. One of the most common mistakes we had were title tags incorrectly written.


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